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London protest demands safe passage

Protestors gathered outside the Home Office to demand safe passage for migrants making the crossing over the Channel and held a vigil for a Sudanese young person who died making the crossing.

Government shuts door on child refugees

Amid the coronavirus chaos, the UK government is quietly shutting the door on child refugees.

Refugees and Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has made life even harder for refugees and people on the move, explains Mitch Mitchell of Refugee Lifeboat.

Refugee Lifeboat: Statement of intent

We work to provide direct practical and material solidarity with migrants, but also to wage a political struggle against the state, racism and imperialism.

The sorry story of Fortress Britain and its war on refugees

Mike Haynes looks at the UK's record on receiving migrants and its relationship to that of the European Union.

Calais stories

Mitch Mitchell is a regular visitor to Calais a part of his work with Refugee Lifeboat.

Welcome to The Jungle

Colin Revolting and his son were moved to tears by the new play The Jungle, currently showing at the Playhouse Theatre in London's West End.

Refugees – remember them?

Mitch Mitchell writes on Refugee Lifeboat, a new organisation that aims to marry humanitarian aid for refugees with an uncompromising political stand against state racism

15 October could be a dark day for refugees in Calais

It has been strongly rumoured that the threatened closure and demolition of the refugee camp in Calais, often referred to as "The Jungle" will commence on 15 October at 5am.

“Squeezing a quart into a pint pot”: the current situation in Calais

After the destruction of people's homes there was temporary reduction in the numbers of refugees living in Calais, but many are now returning. The only people who are profiting from this stalemate are the people traffickers.