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revolutionary reflections | Theatre of the Oppressed as a political method

Sophie Coudray introduces the work of the Brazilian theatre practitioner Augusto Boal and the potential of its method for revolutionary praxis.

The people versus the parliament in Argentina

The Argentine Senate's vote against legal abortion is a bitter setback - but Argentine women will not be silenced

“Ni Una Menos” – No Woman Left Behind

Suzie Wylie writing from Argentina discusses the Ni Una Menos movement On the 8 October, 16-year-old Lucía Pérez was drugged, brutally raped, tortured and killed by 3 men in the Argentinian seaside city of Mar del...

Crisis in Argentina: China and Russia in the USA’s backyard

As vulture capitalists continue to deepen Argentina's economic crisis, China and Russia are showing increasing interest in strengthening their economic, military and cultural influence over the country. Argentinian socialist David Justo asks what this...

Factories without bosses: occupation wins in Argentina

(photo from www.8300.com.ar) Suzie Wylie writes from Argentina After 12 years of occupation and struggle at the Zanon ceramic tile factory in Neuquén, in southern Argentina, the courts have awarded the title deed for the property...