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Antifascists arrested at Oxford demonstration against the National Front

Police arrested four anti-fascists at a demonstration against the National Front in Oxford on Saturday. The National Front had called a national mobilisation against "Asian grooming" and antifascists had gathered to prevent them from...

Ukraine: between East and West

As the conflict between government forces and pro-Russian militias continues in the East of Ukraine, it is tempting to accept that ethnic and linguistic divisions between Eastern and Western Ukraine are behind the unrest, or that the conflict...

Six pointers for antifascists after the 21 June attacks in Tottenham

  See also: Antifascist vigil attracts 200 in show of unity and defiance On Saturday night a free music festival in Tottenham, north London, was violently attacked by a racist gang targeting audience members in...

EDL Outnumbered in Colchester

On Thursday 22 May the English Defence League (EDL) returned to the streets of Colchester. Around 100 antifascists and students gathered to oppose less than 30 EDL members.

Manchester antifascists celebrate BNP defeat

Around 60 demonstrators from Unite Against Fascism gathered outside the Euro election count at Manchester Town Hall

Newcastle: report from antifascist mobilisation

On Saturday, around 250 people turned out to oppose an EDL march in Newcastle. The counter-demonstration had been organised by Newcastle Unites, a local grouping supported by UAF, Labour councillors and others.

Edinburgh: vibrant protest against Farage

  Pete Cannell reports: Farage's public meeting in Edinburgh last night was intended as more than just another publicity stunt. Until this year's elections UKIP's impact in Scotland has been minimal.  Just a year ago Farage...

Brighton antifascist mobilisation: reports round-up

(picture from @BenJames22, reporter at The Argus) Lois JC reports: There was a much smaller presence of fascists than in earlier years: around 150. Antifascists outnumbered them at least 2-1. We lined the streets while the fasc did...

Who was Blair Peach?

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the killing of Blair Peach by the police. David Renton looks back at Blair Peach's life as a poet, trade unionist and committed antifascist. Blair Peach was a 33...

Anti-fascist 5 trial collapses: interview

S, freed antifascist protester, speaks outside Westminster Magistrates Court shortly after the case against her and four others collapses.