Strike solidarity

On this page we highlight strikes and how you can support them.

You can use Strike Map UK to search for your nearest strike get details of how to send a solidarity email, or add details of a strike here.


The rs21 website carries reports and articles about strikes in Britain and around the world. If you have reports, photos or video from a strike please get in touch about writing for rs21.

Union News is also a good source of information about disputes.

Workplaces are sites of struggle which often have great potential power. But to turn that potential into reality workers need to be aware of it, have the political will to use it, the organisation to wield it, and a plan of action they believe can win.

Building solidarity with a strike doesn’t only help it win, it is also a way of building where you are. It helps make workers aware of their potential power. It educates us about the shared experiences of workers, about our allies and enemies and about how to win. The process of organising solidarity builds networks and connections that make us all stronger. To get the most out of giving solidarity, don’t just send a message or donation from your union branch – you build far more by talking to other workers, inviting a speaker, taking a collection, all signing a card, or visiting a picket together. A rank and file approach to building power means building workers’ own capacity for collective action, not taking short-cuts.