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Understanding the US elections – some things to read

After a period of time that seems as long as a geological eon, today is finally election day in the US. While we wait for the results to come in, Amy Gilligan and Bill...

US elections: “This is going to go down as a pivotal election American history”

With only days to go before the penultimate primary elections in the US, Amy Gilligan spoke to California based journalist, writer and activist Adam Hudson How do you think that Sanders will do this week...

Ferguson solidarity protests across the US: Photos and videos

After the decision not to indite Darren Wilson, people across the US people have taken to the streets to demand justice for Michael Brown. Join the protest tonight in London, 7pm, outside the US...

Choosing or refusing to take sides in an era of right-wing populism

In the decade following the banking crash, the protracted crisis in neoliberal governance is taking a number of striking forms. Neil Davidson sets out the case for 'rejecting the lesser evil' option when faced with a choice between the radical right and the neoliberal centre.