Local Groups

North London rs21
Facebook: rs21 North London
The North London branch meets regularly, usually in Wood Green or around the King’s Cross Area. 

East London rs21
Email: eastlondonrs21@gmail.com
Facebook: East London rs21
The East London branch meets fortnightly, usually alternating between speaker meetings in Bethnal Green and discussion meetings in Dalston.

South London rs21
Email: southlondonrs21@gmail.com
Facebook: Brixton Rebels
This branch is not currently organising regular meetings, please email organiser@rs21.org.uk if you would like to be involved in organising there.

Cambridge rs21
Email: cambridge.rs21@gmail.com
Facebook group: rs21 Cambridge

Carlisle rs21
Email: carlisle.rs21@gmail.com
Facebook: Carlisle rs21
The Carlisle branch organise public-facing meetings every couple of months and has a core group of members who collaborate together.

Crawley rs21
There is a small group of members in Crawley who meet once a month. Email organiser@rs21.org.uk to be put in touch.

Leeds rs21
Email: rs21leeds@gmail.com

Leicester rs21
Email: rs21eastmidlands@gmail.com
The Leicester branch has public meetings about once a month.

Manchester rs21
Email: manchesterrs21@gmail.com
Facebook: Greater Manchester rs21
The Manchester branch organises regular meetings, usually on Mondays at 7pm or Saturdays at 2pm.

Oxford rs21
Email: oxfordrs21@gmail.com
Facebook: Oxford rs21
The Oxford branch holds speaker meetings every few weeks alongside other activities including reading and discussion groups.

International Socialism Scotland
Email: intsocscotland@gmail.com
Facebook: International Socialism Scotland
Twitter: IS Scotland
Website: International Socialism Scotland
There are regular events in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

If you are based somewhere where there is no active branch then please email organiser@rs21.org.uk.