Leaflets, posters and guides

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Leaflets for NEU Conference, May 2019: NEU Conference Bulletin and A Picket Line for Palestine

Leaflet for Extinction Rebellion, April 2019: The politics of climate breakdown

Leaflet for the UN Anti-Racism Day Demonstration, 16 March 2019: No to racism, yes to refugee solidarity

Leaflet for the People’s Assembly Britain is Broken – General Election Now! demo, 12 January 2019: Protests can bring the Tories down – Migrants are welcome here

Leaflet for No to Tommy Robinson, No to Fortress Britain demo, 9 December 2018: No to Fortress Britain – No to Fortress Europe

Leaflet for Extinction Rebellion’s Rebellion Day 2, 24 November 2018: The politics of climate breakdown

Leaflet for TUC, SUTR and UAF National unity demonstration against fascism and racism, 17 November 2018: Defend migrants, fight fascism

The revenge of everyday life: Marxism and social reproduction theory, 3 November 2018: poster and leaflet

Leaflet for London demo against Trump’s visit, 13 July 2018: Oppose state racism and the far right

Leaflet for TUC March for a New Deal, 12 May 2018: Free movement for all!

Leaflet for Don’t Bomb Syria demo, 16 April 2018: Western bombs won’t ease Syrian suffering

Leaflet for Stop HDV demo, 7 February 2018: Social housing not social cleansing

Leaflet for the People’s Assembly NHS demo, 3 February 2018: To defend the NHS, support migrant workers and patients

Leaflet for the People’s Assembly Take Back Manchester demo, 1 October 2017: Time to organise: strikes and campaigns can beat the Tories and take on capitalism

Leaflet for the People’s Assembly Not one day more demo, 1 July 2017: How we can finish off this rotten government

Leaflet for Justice for Grenfell protest, 16 June 2017: Grenfell: arrest the killers

Leaflets for Unite Policy Conference, 2016: EU: WTF now? and ‘From the cradle to the grave’ – what has the NHS done for us?

Poster for Defend Migrants’ Rights demo, 24 June 2016: Defend Migrants’ Rights (A3 Poster – Colour) and Defend Migrants’ Rights (A3 Poster – Black and White)

Leaflet for Junior Doctors’ Strike, 10 February 2016: Prescribing victory, prescribing change

Infographic on the Trade Union Bill 2015: The Right to Strike

Leaflet against war in Syria, 2015: Their wars, our dead

Leaflet for Unite sector conferences, 2015: After Paris: oppose war, racism and oppression

Leaflet for protest for Gaza, 9 August 2014: Stop British Arms Sales to Israel

Leaflet for protest for Gaza, 19 July 2014: BDS can build a movement to help set Palestine free

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Guides and advice

  • A revolutionary’s guide to childcare: This guide is an attempt to provide some practical advice on how to improve access for those with caring responsibilities.
  • How to access books and articles: We want to encourage members of rs21 (and others!) to research and write – anything from short reviews to long pieces. This guide gives some pointers for ways to access resources.