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rs21 regularly produces leaflets to distribute at protests, picket lines and other actions. We aim to give a clear analysis and a perspective on strategy going forward. Click the title to open a PDF. 

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Leaflet for Palestine solidarity protests – “End the genocide”, November 2023 (click here for A4 printer version or here for the A5 version)

Leaflet for Palestine solidarity protests – “End the siege – Victory to the Intifada”, October 2023

Leaflet for Manchester freshers, September 2023

Leaflet for Manchester launch of Fight Transphobia, August 2023

Leaflet for Unite conference, July 2023

Leaflet for Durham Miners’ Gala and Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, July 2023

Leaflet for Trans Liberation and the Struggle against Capitalism meeting, June 2023 [File coming soon]

Leaflet for #Notmybill protest, May 2023 [File coming soon]

Leaflet for rs21 presence at XR Big One, April 2023 [File coming soon]

Leaflet for 15 March strike rally (NEU fraction version), March 2023

Leaflet for 15 March strike rally (generic version), March 2023

Leaflet for 1 Feb day of action to protect the right to strike, January 2023

Leaflet for joint strike rally in Manchester, January 2023


Leaflet for 5 November protests in London, October 2022

Leaflet for 5 November protests in London (print-at-home version without large blocks of colour), October 2022

General leaflet, September 2022

Leaflet about the strikes, July 2022

Leaflet for London Cost of Living demo (called by TUC), June 2022

Leaflet for Manchester Cost Of Living demo, Feb 2022


Leaflet for protest against the coup in Sudan, November 2021

Leaflet for COP26, November 2021

Leaflet for Unite Policy Conference, Oct 2021

Leaflet for demo at Tory conference, Oct 2021

Manchester freshers leaflet, Sept 2021

The politics of climate breakdown, rs21 Scotland, Sept 2021

General student leaflet, rs21 Scotland, Sept 2021

Leaflet against the Police Bill #KillTheBill, Aug 2021


No War With Iran leaflet, Jan 2020

Leaflet for the UCU strikes and the N29 climate strike


About rs21 leaflet, October 2019

Climate leaflet, October 2019

A4 leaflet and A5 flier for Endgames? Capitalism and the climate emergency.

Tories out: but how?“, leaflet for demo at Tory conference, 29 September 2019

“Build on this climate strike”, rs21 leaflet, 20 September 2019

“The Tories are the crisis” leaflet against prorogation crisis, 2 September 2019

“Tories out – fight for democracy”, rs21 Scotland leaflet, 30 August 2019

Climate strike and climate breakdown leaflet, July 2019

Leaflet for “What future for Ireland, 50 years after British troops went in?” meeting in London on 22 August 2019, with Eamonn McCann and Maev McDaid

Leaflets for NEU Conference, May 2019: NEU Conference Bulletin and A Picket Line for Palestine

Leaflet for Extinction Rebellion, April 2019: The politics of climate breakdown

Leaflet for the UN Anti-Racism Day Demonstration, 16 March 2019: No to racism, yes to refugee solidarity

Leaflet for the People’s Assembly Britain is Broken – General Election Now! demo, 12 January 2019: Protests can bring the Tories down – Migrants are welcome here


Leaflet for No to Tommy Robinson, No to Fortress Britain demo, 9 December 2018: No to Fortress Britain – No to Fortress Europe

Leaflet for Extinction Rebellion’s Rebellion Day 2, 24 November 2018: The politics of climate breakdown

Leaflet for TUC, SUTR and UAF National unity demonstration against fascism and racism, 17 November 2018: Defend migrants, fight fascism

The revenge of everyday life: Marxism and social reproduction theory, 3 November 2018: poster and leaflet

Leaflet for London demo against Trump’s visit, 13 July 2018: Oppose state racism and the far right

Leaflet for TUC March for a New Deal, 12 May 2018: Free movement for all!

Leaflet for Don’t Bomb Syria demo, 16 April 2018: Western bombs won’t ease Syrian suffering

Leaflet for Stop HDV demo, 7 February 2018: Social housing not social cleansing

Leaflet for the People’s Assembly NHS demo, 3 February 2018: To defend the NHS, support migrant workers and patients


Leaflet for the People’s Assembly Take Back Manchester demo, 1 October 2017: Time to organise: strikes and campaigns can beat the Tories and take on capitalism

Leaflet for the People’s Assembly Not one day more demo, 1 July 2017: How we can finish off this rotten government

Leaflet for Justice for Grenfell protest, 16 June 2017: Grenfell: arrest the killers


Leaflets for Unite Policy Conference, 2016: EU: WTF now? and ‘From the cradle to the grave’ – what has the NHS done for us?

Poster for Defend Migrants’ Rights demo, 24 June 2016: Defend Migrants’ Rights (A3 Poster – Colour) and Defend Migrants’ Rights (A3 Poster – Black and White)

Leaflet for Junior Doctors’ Strike, 10 February 2016: Prescribing victory, prescribing change


Infographic on the Trade Union Bill 2015: The Right to Strike

Leaflet against war in Syria, 2015: Their wars, our dead

Leaflet for Unite sector conferences, 2015: After Paris: oppose war, racism and oppression


Leaflet for protest for Gaza, 9 August 2014: Stop British Arms Sales to Israel

Leaflet for protest for Gaza, 19 July 2014: BDS can build a movement to help set Palestine free

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