Briefing Paper | Exposing the far right

The last year has seen of the largest far-right protests in Britain for decades, with groups like the Democratic Football Lads Alliance mustering thousands to march against Islamic “extremism” and social media giving vast amplification to the Free Tommy Robinson campaign, which took shape following the Islamophobic commentator’s imprisonment for conduct which jeopardised the legal integrity a trial pertaining to a grooming case.

rs21 has produced a free downloadable Briefing Paper giving an overview of the key events and turning points of this resurgent racist movement. Featuring a detailed timeline of recent far-right organising as well as strategic analysis of how best to categorise and label this emergent threat, this will be an indispensable resource to socialists and others across the broad left looking to cohere an effective anti-racist response to fascist aggression and the Islamophobic ideology which incubates it.

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