Everyone Who Is Here Is From Here

ewih-profileSaturday 5 November 2016, 10.00 – 16:30, Capstan House, 1 Clove Crescent, London E14 – near East India DLR

The EU referendum campaign and its aftermath have brought to the surface the constant scapegoating of migrants and immigration by both the far right and ‘respectable’ politicians from all parties.

Migrants and minorities are blamed for everything from low wages to hospital waiting lists through to terrorism and gang violence. It’s hardly a surprise that we now see racist attacks spiking in the wake of the referendum campaign.

These phenomena are part of a long history of racism in the UK and across Europe. But for just as long, there have been struggles against racism.

Everyone Who Is Here Is From Here is a forum organised by a coalition of radical anti-racist activist groups aimed at working out what we can do about this situation. We call our anti-racism ‘radical’ because we seek to tackle the structures that are the foundation of racism – not just its manifestations.

The forum will involve panels, workshops, discussion and skill-sharing sessions aimed at building a popular migrant justice movement based on working class solidarity, uncompromising anti-racism, opposition to cuts and austerity and opposition to all border controls.

We believe it’s time to link anti-racist struggles with those of migrant workers, to reject liberal approaches to immigration that treat migrant rights as bargaining chips, and to counter anti-migrant propaganda with clear and principled arguments.

If you’d like to get involved email info@everyonehere.org.uk

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Supported by: London Antifascists, Brick Lane Debates, Jewdas, Radical Housing Network, Movement For Justice, rs21, Antiuniversity Now and Razem Londyn.