The Cost of Living Crisis

OFGEM have announced a 54% rise in household energy bills. This will come into effect in April, at the same time that National Insurance goes up. RPI inflation is already 7.5%.

Inflation and rising prices are squeezing wages with barely a pay rise in sight. This new rise is happening in April when National Insurance goes up too. MPs’ pay will be going up £2000 and Shell has just announced highest profits in eight years while nearly everyone else faces rapidly declining living standards.

People are organising protests locally all around Britain and also in the north of Ireland to demand that the government takes genuine action to stop this crisis before it causes more winter fuel deaths than ever before in a wage squeeze that affects the entire working class.

The protests on 12 Feb are just the start. Organise public meetings in your local area to discuss how to fight back against these attacks on our living standards. Organise more protests, marches and direct actions, or find out what is going on in your area and get involved with that. rs21 will be organising a public meeting online for people to come together and make a plan to win our demands.

Join the fightback:

rs21, Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and Fuel Poverty Action have called a demonstration in London on 12 Feb to demand action to tackle the cost of living crisis. The call has now been joined by the Peace and Justice Project, Anti*capitalist Resistance, and the People’s Assembly, as well as several more organisations who have signed up to support.


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