Climate Camp Scotland unites climate, migrant and workers’ struggles

Climate Camp Scotland saw hundreds of climate and community activists gather to discuss the practice and theory of fighting for climate justice.
Image shows two people in front of Parliament holding signs that read "Code Red for Humanity: Ten More Years - Will Crops Grow?' and 'Trees Need Rights Too! Make ecocide a crime!'

Can ‘green laws’ stop climate change?

As environmental campaigners turn to the law to stop climate change, barrister David Renton argues legal challenges and ‘green laws’ alone cannot guarantee the massive change we need.
Protest against the Slivertown tunnel

The Silvertown tunnel is a health disaster

On Saturday 11 June, the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition held a Health Summit for a packed audience in Newham.
Gas flame under pan

Let them burn oil – Sunak and energy bills

Rishi Sunak’s latest U-turn in response to the cost of living crisis shows the Tories scrambling for a response.
A photo of the occupation of the British Museum by BP or not BP

Activists occupy the British Museum

This weekend, climate and anti-colonial activists occupied the British Museum in opposition to its oil sponsorships.
Painting of the swiss peasant wars. Right, the cover art for 'A People's Green New Deal' by Max Ajl.

Moving past the graveyard of Green New Deals

Gus Woody reviews 'A People's Green New Deal' by Max Ajl
Cartoon shows Boris Johnson as emperor Nero playing the lyre while the world burns

From Nero to Net Zero

Boris Johnson's classical references are a window onto how he will deal with climate breakdown, writes Gareth Dale.
Banner reads: Workers of the world, unite! #System Change Not Climate Change

Climate protesters hit the streets across Britain

Reports from climate protests around Britain as part of the global day of action around COP26
Cover image: We only want the earth: Anti-capitalism against the climate crisis

We only want the earth: a new pamphlet from rs21

rs21 has published a new pamphlet by Gus Woody 'We only want the earth: Anti-capitalism against the climate crisis'

The power to change the system

With COP26 just around the corner, a wave of industrial action in Scotland is demonstrating the huge opportunity of linking workers' struggle with climate organising.