Woem on picket with placards

Support striking care workers!

Health and care workers are striking in Bristol and Blackburn.
Photo taken outside Manchester Crown Court shows barristers in full robes on strike, holding placards reading 'Crime Doesn't Pay', 'Fair Pay for Fair Trials' and 'Legal Aid: Don't Lower the Bar'.

Barristers on less than minimum wage? Support these strikes

An activist explains why criminal barristers are on strike over pay.
Rail workers picket line in Cambridge

How you can help the rail workers win

The rail workers are leading a crucial struggle against the Tories. We all need them to win – and everybody can do something to help.
Demonstration with banners and placards

Support the rail strikes!

Thousands of rail workers are about to take on the government in the biggest strike for years – and facing attacks from the Tory press. Two activists from the RMT rail union told rs21 why they will be striking, and why other workers should support them.

Major demonstration marks growing revolt over cost of living

The TUC march on Saturday was the biggest union demo for many years.

Universities battles ahead – UCU Congress 2022

The University and College Union (UCU), which organises teachers, researchers and some support staff in further and higher education, held its annual congress earlier this month. Two rs21 members who were delegates report on the key debates.
Strikers in front of a banner

Support the tube strikers!

London's tube system has been brought to a standstill by striking RMT union members. Colin Wilson explains the background to the strike and calls for full support for their fight.
Striking NEU members with the Girls Day School Trust (GDST) at a rally in parliament square on 22 February 2022.

The GDST pensions strike – a balance sheet

Earlier this year there was a big strike at the Girl’s Day School Trust (GDST) chain of independent schools over attacks on teachers’ pension rights. rs21 and NEU member Luigi Brindisi, one of the strikers, looks at the outcome of the dispute and draws some lessons.
Photo from UCU strike four fights rally in Manchester, banner in front reads 'End casualisation', behind that is a Manchester Metrolopitan UCU branch banner. Photo by Ian Allinson.

Lowering expectations: misrepresentations of McAlevey

Trade unionists have been inspired by McAlevey's work. But now sections of the union bureaucracy are co-opting her insights.

Striking union organisers raided by Russian security forces

Russian security forces raided the apartments of independent trade unionists in Moscow in a direct attack on the organising of gig workers.