Dancing on the picket lines – Junior Doctors’ strike continues to a second day

The 48-hour junior doctors' strike, in defence of their working conditions, patient safety and NHS is continuing for the second day. Our reports from the picket lines yesterday can be found here. At King's College...

EIS members in a combative mood

Teachers and lecturers in Scotland met at the EIS conference recently to review recent successes over pay and recruitment and to plan a strategy around the underfunding and overwork that still characterises the sector. Nick Cimini reports.

What is social reproduction theory?

In the first of a series of articles looking at and debating social reproduction theory, here we republish Tithi Bhattacharrya's introductory piece on some of the basics.

“Disruptive technologies”: lessons from Wapping

The idea that new technologies will replace the need for human labour is not a new one. However, it is currently receiving a lot of attention, following a recent Panorama documentary, and arguments made...

Secret diary of a NHS nurse

In the first of a new series that looks at what it's like on the ground for NHS workers facing cuts and privatisation, our correspondent under the pseudonym "the secret nurse", describes her experience applying...

Right to Strike: Infographic

Download this infographic as a pdf here Join the TUC  lobby of parliament and the day of action against the Trade Union Bill on 2 November Infographic design by Arjun Mahadevan

Civil Rights and the Trade Union Bill

Ian Allinson discusses the Tories attempts to attack our right to organise in the context of civil rights  Since the election the Tories have moved swiftly to attack civil rights. The Trade Union Bill 2015...

The UAW’s defeat in Tennessee

Bill Crane analyses the roots of the UAW’s defe at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga.

No return to the thirties: an eyewitness warning

Jean Edmond looks back to the poverty and defeats of the 1930s, and warns against them returning. This article appeared in Issue 10 of the Northern Star, a Leeds based publication. My name is Jean...

Tens of thousands join parade of the labour movement

Amy Gilligan reflects on Saturday's TUC demonstration. The large TUC demonstration on Saturday saw tens of thousands of trade unionists march through central London. Branch banners from across the country were visible in many of the...