A man in a wheelchair delivers a speech on stage at a protest. A interpreter stands next to him translating into sign language.

Resist Sunak’s demonisation of disabled people

An analysis of how new governmental measures continue to demonise and punish disabled people.

1974 – an end and a beginning

Willie Black looks back at 1974. A pivotal year both in Britain and across the world – high points of workers’ struggles, but also the beginning of five decades of neo-liberalism
teachers with a banner saying 'Pay Up, Save our schools'

Teachers’ union conference battles over pay strikes

Palestine, pay cuts and protest: NEU activists challenge the union's bureaucracy in the face of another expected real terms pay cut.

The Courtaulds strike of 1965 – Black workers fighting back

Sue Sparks of the IS History Project uncovers the history of one of the first Black workers' strikes against racism in the 1960s. 

Here We Go! Forty years on from the outbreak of the Great Strike

Forty years ago today British miners began industrial action in what became the longest and most bitter strike of the twentieth century. Here Brian Parkin, a former Research Officer for the National Union of Mineworkers, gives a brief introduction to this pivotal strike.

The Post Office scandal is typical of today’s Britain

"The light in this darkness is that people are standing up and demanding justice."

Do workers in the Global North benefit from the exploitation of workers in the...

Charlie Post argues that imperialism has intensified exploitation across the entire global working class

Who should be UCU’s next general secretary?

rs21 members in UCU discuss the candidates and offer their voting recommendations.

Resisting the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act

Ian Allinson discusses the ways workers can resist the government's latest repressive anti-union legislation.

Latest Department of Education advice is a transphobic attack

"Educators must register their disgust at the guidance while it is in the consultation phase."