Placard reads "There is no planet B"

revolutionary reflections | Climate Change and Migration in the age of Imperialism’s four horsemen

How can we trace the interconnections between war, famine, pestilence and conquest that are being unleashed in a new form as the climate crisis unfolds?

The Panama Papers – From revelations to revolt and beyond

Joe Sabatini discusses how the Panama Papers have confirmed what we knew about the ruling class and looks at how they provide an opportunity to re-engage the public discussion over how our economies are being...

Laboratories Of Hope

An invitation to build a 'laboratory of hope'... When things are difficult, and we all feel that twinge of desperation. When the Media is full of scaremongering about the imminent threat of ISIS, and you...

The Syrian Revolution struggles on

Following a demonstration to mark the fourth anniversary of the Syrian Revolution, Mark Boothroyd argues the reputation of socialist organisations has been seriously damaged by their failure to stand alongside Syrians who have continued fighting for freedom in terrible conditions. Mark...

Climate change has revolutionary potential

Tabitha Spence discusses how the movements against climate change open up a space to wider radicalisation

What strategy for labour in the US? #HM2018

Ian Allinson reports from a debate at the Historical Materialism Conference about strategy for the US labour movement, with useful lessons for the UK.
Theresa May

How we can finish off this rotten government

Thousands of people will join a major national demonstration tomorrow, Saturday 1 July, raising the slogans Not One Day More, #toriesout and No More Austerity. Here we publish the text of rs21's leaflet for...

Shit Does Not Just Happen: an introduction to historical materialism

The materialist conception of history can be used to understand recent events and shows us how ordinary people, the exploited and the oppressed, can make history.

Review: Naomi Klein, No is Not Enough

Naomi Klein draws on her past analysis of capitalism in arguing how to defeat the "new shock politics" of Trump, writes Andrew Stone. Donald Trump’s threat of ‘fire and fury’ against North Korea might just...

Review: Fully Automated Luxury Communism

Colin Wilson reviews Aaron Bastani's much-anticipated account of the potential for a future society of equality and abundance.