Marx’s Ecology

This article is an edited version of John Cowsill's presentation at the Ecosocialism: Fracking, Climate and Revolution conference. He also published an early draft in his blog notes. Introduction We've had report after report from the IPCC, the UN, and leading...

What capital won, and how we can win it back

  Ray M examines arguments put forward by labour researcher Kim Moody - and how they shed light on how bosses have reorganised the workplace to our detriment. For 30 years now the left has faced tremendous difficulties in...

NUT election: Why we should vote for the radical left

With one week left in the National Union of Teachers General Secretary election, NUT activist Rob Owen, asks how those on the radical left ought to vote The NUT has been one of the few unions to...

What can the British left learn from Podemos?

Adria Porta Caballe asks how a change in language and approach took the fledgling Spanish party Podemos to be a surprise of the European elections In the Spanish left we had been saying for a long time...

25 de Abril, Sempre! Portugal 40 years after the Revolution

Mark Bergfeld speaks on the legacy of Portugal's revolution of 1974, and its relevance to today's struggles against austerity.

Capitalism and Crisis: Why vampires shouldn’t feed on themselves

Amy Gilligan explains how the contradictions at the heart of capitalism that mean that it is an inherently unstable system, prone to crises.

Memoirs of a revolution: Portugal 1974

On the 25th April 1974, against every expectation, a revolution broke out in Portugal. On the 40th Anniversary, Brian Parkin recalls what it was like for a young British engineering worker, arriving in the...

The evolution of the Scottish independence question

Historian and socialist activist Neil Davidson's responds to questions about his article 'Yes: a non-nationalist argument for Scottish independence' about how his position on Scottish independence has developed.

The politics of depression: Mark Fisher on mental health and class confidence

Anindya Bhattacharyya spoke to Mark Fisher about the politics of mental health, magical voluntarism and the ideology of neoliberalism.

Taking control of the future of the city

What are cities? How do they work? Ruth Lorimer asks basic questions that outline a fresh Marxist approach to grasping what neoliberal capitalism is doing to our urban spaces. Strands running through urban space Cities are inspiring and exciting...