Hundreds attend general assembly of the left in London

Up to 1000 people attended the General Assembly of the Radical Left last night in Logan Hall in London. Called by the activist group Brick Lane Debates, the assembly brought together people from across the...

Moving the centre: The Marxist squatters and the populist mayor

Joe Hayns interviews the organisers of a 'House of the People' who are facing similar questions in Naples.

Six Red Months in Russia: Louise Bryant’s view of the revolution

Louise Bryant's Six Red Months in Russia, with its nuanced and enlightening discussion of women's lives, is a vital eyewitness account of the Russian Revolution.

revolutionary reflections | Perspectives on the crisis

Today the world is gripped with a sense of crisis to a degree that is as a great as in living memory. In this piece Sebastian Cooke provides a perspective on the nature of...

Workers and the Soviet state: lessons from the 1920s

The centenary of the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia provides an opportunity to open up debates on the nature of revolutions and post-revolutionary politics.

Germany 1918-23: A forgotten history of revolution

Joe Sabatini reviews a collection of articles about how the German Communist Party organised in the early 1920s  – only a few years after revolution had swept through Germany – and...

Doing politics differently: Kingsley Abrams in Bermondsey and Old Southwark

Graham Campbell interviews Kingsley Abrams, who left the Labour party at the beginning of this year, about his departure from Labour and the history of autonomous Black sections movement of which he is and...

SYRIZA and Podemos: doing politics differently

Earlier this month Left Unity, Podemos and SYRIZA hosted a speaker tour on 'Doing Politics Differently'. Nathan Bolton examines the differences between SYRIZA and Podemos, arguing that rather than seeking to import models from...
Stockport trade union history

revolutionary reflections | The Roberts-Arundel strike

A never-before-seen pamphlet dating from 1968 tells the fascinating true story of the Stockport Roberts-Arundel textile strike.

rs21 Political Weekend: Social Movements and United Fronts Today

Rebecca Short writes: Colin Barker and Sølvi Goard's workshop on Social Movements and United Fronts Today tackled arguments that are key for anyone organising on the left. As the room started to fill, a video...