What do we mean by… class?

Terry Wrigley takes a look at the Marxist concept of class, in the first of an rs21 series on the fundamentals of our political tradition.

What can the British left learn from Podemos?

Adria Porta Caballe asks how a change in language and approach took the fledgling Spanish party Podemos to be a surprise of the European elections In the Spanish left we had been saying for a long time...

What’s to be done now? A review of Paul Le Blanc’s Unfinished Leninism

Jonas Liston reviews an essential collection of essays on Lenin and Leninism today (photo of Paul Le Blanc by Alex Bainbridge) The difficult experiences of the revolutionary left recently have led many to question core aspects of...

‘The rocky road ahead…’ The movement against Irish Water

Five activists from rs21 spent a weekend in Dublin and took part in a city-wide demonstration against the Irish Government's recent Water Charges bill, and spoke to several activists on the Irish left.

IS in the 60s: Building a revolutionary group from the ground up

Colin Barker describes how IS grew from tiny beginnings at Oxford University, and what drew people to the group.

revolutionary reflections | For Another Europe (Part 1)

With Brexit the EU has never been a more controversial and critical issue for left political strategy. In the first of a two part piece Raymond M reviews Guglielmo Carchedi's classic Marxist analysis of...

revolutionary reflections | Perspectives on the crisis

Today the world is gripped with a sense of crisis to a degree that is as a great as in living memory. In this piece Sebastian Cooke provides a perspective on the nature of...
Large crowd on demo

Major demo calls for an end to Tory government

The People's Assembly demo reflected the level of anger against May – and the new hopes people are placing in Jeremy Corbyn. The Not One Day More march, called by the People's Assembly...

Review: Naomi Klein, No is Not Enough

Naomi Klein draws on her past analysis of capitalism in arguing how to defeat the "new shock politics" of Trump, writes Andrew Stone. Donald Trump’s threat of ‘fire and fury’ against North Korea might just...

Workers and the Soviet state: lessons from the 1920s

The centenary of the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia provides an opportunity to open up debates on the nature of revolutions and post-revolutionary politics.