Leftist direct action thrillers: a new genre?

I'm a Virgo, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, Black 47 and Codename Jenny
Image shows the cover of the book Britain in Fragments, set against the backdrop of a union flag.

Review | Britain in Fragments

Satnam Virdee and Brendan McGeever bring a historic account of racism in Britain over the last century. Colin Wilson reviews Britain in Fragments.
George Padmore reading a newspaper.

Review | Making the Revolution Global

The history of black anticolonial radicals in Britain is central to the history of the left.
Abortion Rights protest, London 17th June 2023

Review | Bodies Under Siege

Even traditional mainstream conservative parties are linked to proponents of reactionary 'Great Replacement' theories.
American and Chinese flags and USA dollars

Review | The New Cold War

The new imperialist world order is characterised by increasing military tensions between the world’s major powers, but also by economic competition.
image of protesting nurses in front of a hospital, beside an image of the book Health Communism.

Review | Health Communism

How has capitalism wrecked health and care? Shiraz Hussain reviews Health Communism.

Review | Marx in the Anthropocene

The joys and pitfalls of degrowth communism – Gus Woody reviews an important new book on ecosocialism. 
Image shows Edward Norton as his character in Glass Onion, despairing, hands up in the air and screaming, with fire in the background.

Glass Onion – foolishly transparent

Evan Sedgwick-Jell reviews Glass Onion, asking what the film’s titular metaphor tells us about capitalist ideology.

Review | Mute Compulsion: A Marxist Theory of the Economic Power of Capital

‘The mute compulsion of economic relations sets the seal on the domination of the capitalist over the worker.’
the cover of David Camfield's book 'Future on Fire', with a lowlit forest at sunset in the background.

Review | Future on Fire: mass movements in the climate crisis

What movement do we need? Taisie Tsikas reviews David Camfield's new book on climate tactics.