Kes: a tale for our times. Remembering Barry Hines.

Barry Hines, the author of such books as A Kestrel for a Knave, which became the film Kes, has died aged 76. Colin Revolting offers an appreciation of his seminal work. Kes, or A Kestral...

The Babadook – a film about life’s real horrors

Where does fear come from? Jen Izaakson, PhD student and revolutionary socialist, examines this question through a psychoanalytic review of new horror film, The Babadook. Jen tweets at @izaakson. If we accept the psychoanalytic stance...

Review: Never Again

Colin Revolting reviews Never Again by David Renton, the story of the fascist National Front and the campaign which stopped it in its tracks.

Review: Orange is the New Black

With Christmas fast approaching, Shanice McBean looks at the politics behind an obvious stocking filler: Orange is the New Black. Orange is the New Black (OITNB) follows the story of main protagonist Piper Chapman as her...

There is no revolution without love

The film Reds tells the story of John Reed and Louise Bryant's experiences of the Russian Revolution.

The story of a Bolshevik worker-intellectual: a review of Barbara Allen’s ‘Alexander Shlyapnikov’

Ian Birchall reviews Barbara C Allen's Alexander Shlyapnikov 1885-1937: Life of an Old Bolshevik, published by Haymarket Books. "Young Alexander conquered India. He alone?" Brecht's lines are often quoted by Marxists as a rejoinder...

Review: The Politics of Everybody

Bill Crane reviews Holly Lewis' standout book on the relationship between capitalism and oppression. One of the most promising trends on the intellectual left in recent years is the emergence of a strong and sophisticated...

Reviewing BBC Radio 4’s coverage of the Russian revolution

Martin Crook analyses the presentation of the Russian revolution by the BBC, questioning the accuracy of a review that blames the revolution for the sins of Stalinism.
David Widgery book review

It Moves!

Barnaby Raine finds much to admire in Against Miserabilism, a new edition of writings by the late socialist author David Widgery

In control of our Destiny?

Sølvi Goard reviews Destiny and examines the widespread appeal of computer games Destiny, the flagship title from the studio behind Halo, is the most expensive game ever, costing over $500m to produce. The most expensive film...