Empire of Normality

Hazel Croft talks to author Robert Chapman about their new book and discusses neurodiversity and how we can challenge the capitalist logics of ‘normality'.

Review | The State and Revolution

Lenin's The State and Revolution is one of the most important books he ever wrote, a restatement and rediscovery of the revolutionary understanding of the state.

Against Landlords: How to Solve the Housing Crisis

Housing activist Kate Bradley reviews Nick Bano’s Against Landlords: How to Solve the Housing Crisis

Lenin, National Liberation and Palestine

Gus Woody reviews Imperialism and the National Question recently published by Verso.

Review | The Lenin Scenario

A review of Tariq Ali's screenplay.

Writing the future

Colin Wilson celebrates fantasy novel Babel, part of a growing trend for speculative fiction to include radical politics in work written by women, often women of colour.
Lewis's book with an image of Kautsky and the Erfurt Program

Review | Ben Lewis, ‘Karl Kautsky on Democracy and Republicanism’

Is it time to re-evaluate renegade Kautsky? Andreas Chari reviews a new collection.
cover of the book, and a man looking at WW1 death technology

Learning from the Second International: a review of Reform, Revolution and Opportunism

Mike Taber's new collection exposes fissures within the Second International.

Review | Shows at the Whitworth Gallery Manchester

Colonialism, art, the museum logistics chain. Gareth Dale reviews this month's shows at the Whitworth.
book cover and artwork

Interview | Toussaint Louverture: The Story of the Only Successful Slave Revolt in History

Matthew Cookson interviews the authors of a new graphic novel on the Haitian Revolution.