#GE2017: Why does Labour make concessions to the right when it comes to immigration?

Jonas Liston reflects on Angela Rayner's recent appearance on Question Time. How can she be awful on immigration whilst savaging the Tories on everything else?

Saving Lewisham’s Libraries

Libraries across the country continue to be under threat. A Lewisham Library Union Rep reports that staff and campaigners are coming together in South East London to defend this much needed service. Lewisham library workers...

Steel: from resignation to resistance

Brian Parkin of Leeds rs21 offers a detailed briefing paper on the state of the UK steel industry and a alternative strategy for preserving jobs and production. Seize the time In an illusory globalised economy of...

Revolutionaries and Labourism

Jonas Liston discusse the relationship between revolutionaries and the Labour Party.
Jewish anti-Zionists

No community without politics

The mirage of a "mainstream Jewish community", often weaponised against the left, hides the fact that "community" itself is always a site of struggle and contestation

Busting immigration myths

Immigration has dominated the discussion in the run up to the European elections on Thursday. Politicians and the media are happy to spread anti-migrant myths, Bunny La Roche seeks out the facts MYTH: Migrants hold...

Owen Smith versus Jeremy Corbyn – slick politicians versus the people

Seb Cooke comments on the battle for the Labour leadership.

Can Corbynomics Work?

  Sam O'Brien discusses whether the economic ideas put forward by Jeremy Corbyn when he was campaigning for the Labour leadership could work The election of Jeremy Corbyn has continues to generate a tide of foaming...
Sheffield Greens banner

Green Party: the place to start rebuilding the left?

The Green Party vote last month was four times higher than 2010. How should the left relate to the Greens? Ollie V from Sheffield argues that building the Greens is the best way of cracking the...

Richmond by-election: a “progressive” alliance isn’t an effective tactic against the populist right

The result of the Richmond by-election is being used to argue for collaboration between  the Lib Dems and Labour. That analysis doesn't add up.