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Green Party: the place to start rebuilding the left?

The Green Party vote last month was four times higher than 2010. How should the left relate to the Greens? Ollie V from Sheffield argues that building the Greens is the best way of cracking the...

#GE2017: Can the left advance?

Seb Cooke looks at how the left can win in the upcoming election.

#GE2017: “The future is back”

There are plenty of reasons to feel optimistic going into election day

Busting immigration myths

Immigration has dominated the discussion in the run up to the European elections on Thursday. Politicians and the media are happy to spread anti-migrant myths, Bunny La Roche seeks out the facts MYTH: Migrants hold...

Jim Murphy’s election: a view from inside the Labour Party

The pro-independence left have written off the Scottish Labour Party, writes Jim Monaghan – but polling figures for left of Labour parties are tiny, and we need unity to fight austerity and...

Local elections fail to mobilise enough voters hungry for change

The local election results have not been a disaster for Labour. Despite the collapse of the UKIP vote, the Tories lost seats.

Labour is letting down sex workers

The narrow space left in UK law for sex workers to operate in is under threat of being further restricted.

Saving Lewisham’s Libraries

Libraries across the country continue to be under threat. A Lewisham Library Union Rep reports that staff and campaigners are coming together in South East London to defend this much needed service. Lewisham library workers...

Dundee porters on strike against low pay

Mike A reports from the hospital porters' strike in Dundee. On the wall of the Medical Library at Ninewells hospital in Dundee, there is a poem by Michael Rosen. It's a fine tribute to all...

The limits and opportunities of the Corbyn campaign

Corbyn deserves our support, but we must recognise the Labour Party for what it is and build an autonomous social movement. This means supporting him as the Left and from the Left and accepting that social struggle is the basis of political change.