Cartoon: Not waving but drowning

by Caliban's Revenge, originally featured in the Summer 2015 issue of the rs21 magazine

Building resistance – a report from the NUT conference, part 2

Andy S from Wandsworth NUT continues the report from a union conference ready to defend education. This year's NUT conference was bookended by a rapturously received speech from Jeremy Corbyn at the beginning and...

Reclaiming the future – new rs21 magazine out on Saturday

The Spring 2016 issue of the rs21 magazine will be out on Saturday. Order your copy or subscribe here*. Below, Rob Owen gives an overview of the new edition. Part of the union? What should socialists...

Revolutionaries and the Labour Party: “fostering struggle from below is key”

Roddy Usher argues revolutionaries should concentrate on forging links between a new generation of Labour activists and real, concrete, struggles.

Labour split: meet the gang of seven

At long last, the new centrist party is here. Meet the seven Blairite relics promising to #ChangePolitics.

Some Thoughts Ahead of the Copeland By-election

The Copeland and Stoke by-elections on Thursday 23 February are drawing national media attention and speculation about what they mean for Corbyn, Brexit and UKIP.

Corbynmania comes to Cardiff

#Jezwecan - but only if we fight! Know-it-all lefty Seb Cooke checks out Corbynmania and looks to the battle ahead.

After the May 4 elections: time to shift the terrain

The May 4 local election results contain a lesson for activists in the run-up to the June General Election.

No exit from the Brexit crisis

What does the Brexit crisis mean for British politics and the European Union?

‘Movin’ on up?’ – extended review of Richard Seymour’s ‘Corbyn: the Strange Rebirth of...

Jonas Liston reviews Richard Seymour's latest book, Corbyn: the Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics, and gives his own thoughts on the movement around the Labour leader, the history of his party, and the future of...