#BBCdebate: a political earthquake is about to happen in Scotland

Neil Davidson continues analysis from last night's debate I agree with Jonas about the weaknesses in Sturgeon's presentation over defence and the "economic" argument for migration, where she went into "stateswomen" mode. Other than that...

Understanding the Corbyn campaign: an interview with Max Shanly

Jeremy Corbyn's campaign for Labour leader is in full swing. Max Shanly is a member of Young Labour's National Committee. We interviewed him about his hopes and expectations for the campaign. Max spoke to...
Labour Party antisemitism

Antisemitism, then and now | Part 1 of 2

David Rosenberg, of the Jewish Socialists' Group, delves into the facts and the historical background of current discussions of antisemitism in Labour

#GE2017: More police and prison officers won’t make us safer

Socialism requires a belief that building a world without punishment and incarceration is possible.

NEU battles ahead – report from NEU conference

The first NEU conference set an ambitious course for boycotts and strikes over primary school testing, funding and pay, report rs21 delegates.

It was Corbyn who brought down May

Anindya Bhattacharya reminds us where it all started to go wrong for Theresa May...

The Magpie: Can we get a political voice?

In a new column, The Magpie discusses working class political representation The feeling that working class people in Britain have no effective political voice was everywhere even before Syriza won. It is shared by followers of...

After the May 4 elections: time to shift the terrain

The May 4 local election results contain a lesson for activists in the run-up to the June General Election.

And so the radical vagina was most patriarchal of them all

Annie Teriba has had enough of a style of identity-politicking that delivers nothing for most women, but beats the war drum against Jeremy Corbyn, This summer, the trajectory of the Jeremy Corbyn surge has been mirrored by the...

I hope Corbyn wins, but I’m not going to join the Labour Party

There is a danger of people devoting most of their energies to struggles inside the Labour Party.