Five reasons why everyone should get behind Jeremy Corbyn right now!

Seb Cooke lays out the importance of the battle to keep Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party. 1. Anti-Racism. Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the Labour opposition in the UK Parliament. What he says makes...
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HM2015: Where is Britain going?

Joe Sabatini summarises three sessions about Britain at Historical Materialism conference. He concludes that there are opportunities for revolutionaries in the rest of Britain to follow those in Scotland, and shape debates about how we...

#GE2017: Don’t Flinch

An original work by Caliban's Revenge inspired by Jeremy Corbyn and the June 2017 general election.
Houses of Parliament

Election results: rolling coverage

Welcome to our election night coverage, which we're planning to continue till 7am. rs21 stands in the tradition of socialism from below. In our view protests, strikes and demonstrations – and ultimately, revolutions...

The Labour Party: changing faces, shifting bases

Jon Anderson charts the historic shifts in the demographics of the Labour party, from the PLP to its activist and electoral bases, and the changing relationships between them.

#GE2017: Tories are ahead, but they’re not invulnerable

For all the attempts to make this election seem like a foregone conclusion, it is clear that Theresa May has called it out of both weakness and strength.

Derailing neoliberalism

As Southern Rail workers once again go on strike, we republish this interview with Tom Haines-Doran, a researcher on rail privatisation at Manchester University.

Building the Left in the face of Brexit

Charlie Hore responds to Neil Davidson's discussion of the Brexit crisis and offers an alternative analysis of the Leave vote.

How should the left vote in the General Election?

Graham Campbell makes a case for how the left should vote tomorrow. Here I will argue for a policy of tactical, selective and conditional critical support for anti-austerity candidates and for parties that revolutionaries don't normally...

#GE2017: “The future is back”

There are plenty of reasons to feel optimistic going into election day