Cartoon: Not waving but drowning

by Caliban's Revenge, originally featured in the Summer 2015 issue of the rs21 magazine

With Corbyn, but beyond Parliament

Andrew Stone argues that movement around Corbyn has created great potential for socialists to organise and debate about how fundamental change can be realised.   The co-ordinated post-Referendum resignations from the Shadow Cabinet to unseat Jeremy Corbyn...

#GE2017: One Tory MP in Scotland is too many

Pete Cannell discusses the questions that face socialists in Scotland in the up-coming general election.

Business warms to Corbyn: getting our bearings in a new political world

The Tories face disaster – so much so that sections of the ruling class are warming to the idea of a Corbyn government.

Questions to think with

Annie Teriba asks 4 questions about Jeremy Corbyn's campaign. This is an open invitation to help think through what it means. 1. How does the changing nature of struggles jar with the narrative coming from...

Revolutionaries and the Labour Party: “fostering struggle from below is key”

Roddy Usher argues revolutionaries should concentrate on forging links between a new generation of Labour activists and real, concrete, struggles.

rs21 guide to the European elections: predictions and recommended votes

Anindya Bhattacharyya crunches the figures and predicts polarisation, with a right wing consolidation around UKIP and a left wing tussle between Labour and the Greens I'm going to stick my neck out and give my...

After the May 4 elections: time to shift the terrain

The May 4 local election results contain a lesson for activists in the run-up to the June General Election.

How should the left vote in the General Election?

Graham Campbell makes a case for how the left should vote tomorrow. Here I will argue for a policy of tactical, selective and conditional critical support for anti-austerity candidates and for parties that revolutionaries don't normally...

Saving Lewisham’s Libraries

Libraries across the country continue to be under threat. A Lewisham Library Union Rep reports that staff and campaigners are coming together in South East London to defend this much needed service. Lewisham library workers...