March against the HDV

Seven reasons to march in Haringey

Join the demo on Wednesday 7 February - we can stop this shocking privatisation.

Doing politics differently: Kingsley Abrams in Bermondsey and Old Southwark

Graham Campbell interviews Kingsley Abrams, who left the Labour party at the beginning of this year, about his departure from Labour and the history of autonomous Black sections movement of which he is and...
Denis Healey

Denis Healey: the Labour chancellor who opened the door to neoliberalism

Both Labour and Tory leaders have praised Healey, who died yesterday. Brian Parkin remembers instead Healey's role in the 1970s Labour government, which began with miners kicking out the Tories, but ended with the...

NHS and climate at the core of Labour manifesto #GE2019

The Labour Party manifesto focuses on healthcare and climate. It's a step in the right direction on both counts, but doesn't go far enough.

The Labour right: smearing Corbyn, not fighting racism

The Labour right is trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn as an associate of anti-Semites – when they should be looking at their own lousy record on racism and war, writes Nathan Akehurst. Perhaps...
Labour leadership contenders

Back Corbyn (but rely on ourselves, not Labour)

Ian Allinson comments on the news that socialist Jeremy Corbyn has secured enough nominations to enter the Labour leadership contest. The news that socialist Jeremy Corbyn has secured enough nominations from MPs to be a...

Politics in the age of austerity: from above or below?

Neil Davidson discusses the disintegration of social democracy and the impasse of the revolutionary left, and asks what attitude revolutionaries should take towards social democratic parties.

What do we need to do to defend the NHS?

Pete Gillard assesses the limitations of Labour's manifesto promises on health and argues that enthusiasm for the NHS can be used to build unions among health workers.

Labour is letting down sex workers

The narrow space left in UK law for sex workers to operate in is under threat of being further restricted.

Soggy trains

Workers have begun a month of strike action to #KeepTheGuardOnTheTrain on South Western Railway. Mike Haynes explains the absurdities of our privatised rail network.