Some deadlines can’t be extended…

Theresa May's deal has been rejected again and the Brexit deadlock continues. Meanwhile, the entire ruling class is running down the clock on an even more important issue.

rs21 magazine Spring 2015 launches tomorrow

The Spring 2015 issue of the rs21 magazine will be launching at our event for International Women's day 50 Shades of Struggle: Women and the New Social Movements taking place at LSE tomorrow (Wednesday 11...

Corbyn and class: opportunities for socialists in the anti-austerity movement

The success of Jeremy Corbyn's campaign for the Labour leadership has thrown up a series of questions over what might happen if he wins. Jen Wilkinson argues that Corbyn will need support and pressure...
Labour leadership contenders

Labour leadership: continuing Blair’s poisonous legacy

The leadership election seems certain to take Labour even further to the right. Mitch Mitchell doesn't try to hide his contempt for the whole process.  As I write this, those candidates who have declared themselves...

After Brexit: Keeping our heads when all around are losing theirs

By Rob Owen June 24th was a dark morning. Colleagues at school arrived shell shocked at a result no one expected. Friend after friend asked in worried tones what the result would mean. Meshed with...

#GE2017: Why does Labour make concessions to the right when it comes to immigration?

Jonas Liston reflects on Angela Rayner's recent appearance on Question Time. How can she be awful on immigration whilst savaging the Tories on everything else?

Building the Left in the face of Brexit

Charlie Hore responds to Neil Davidson's discussion of the Brexit crisis and offers an alternative analysis of the Leave vote.

Steel: from resignation to resistance

Brian Parkin of Leeds rs21 offers a detailed briefing paper on the state of the UK steel industry and a alternative strategy for preserving jobs and production. Seize the time In an illusory globalised economy of...

Haringey, North London – the Front Line Against Gentrification.

Haringey council, a Labour stronghold in north London is planning to sell off huge swathes of council land and property to private developers.

Unite halves affiliation to Labour

The move is a sign of the discontent within the unions caused by Labour's failure to stand up for workers and a reaction to the attacks on the union links by the Labour leadership.