The Socialist Alliance, George Galloway and Respect: left electoralism the last time around

After George Galloway’s Rochdale victory, David Renton reflects on past left electoral vehicles, and why democracy and accountability are essential.

Rochdale by-election highlights Labour’s bankruptcy on Gaza

Rochdale - a significant victory, but not the left alternative we need.

The Tory meltdown continues

Rachel Iboraii celebrates the Tories’ latest by-election losses and looks at what this tells us about the prospects for the upcomin general election.

Autumn statement 2023: let it burn

Last week’s autumn statement was widely seen as the opening of the Tories’ general election campaign. but do the Tories have a coherent economic strategy that can rescue them?

What’s going on in Unite? | Part 2

Unite activist Raymond Morell assesses Sharon Graham's leadership of the union. Part 2.

What’s going on in Unite? | Part 1

Unite activist Raymond Morell assesses Sharon Graham's leadership of the union. Part 1.
Keir Starmer looking to his right looking surprised.

What the hell is Labour doing?

Despite a commanding lead in the polls, Starmer is still running scared from the Tories.
A group of lawyers holding placards which read 'restore funding to legal aid'

The Law Under Attack

Cuts to legal aid have destroyed working people's access to justice, David Renton reports.
Image is a close-up of a crowd holding a variety of union flags including PCS and RMT, with placards saying "Protect our right to strike" and "Defend the Right to Strike". The people in the shot apear diverse in age, gender and race. In the centre of the shot, a person in a yellow shirt with the word 'RESIST' on it raises their left fist.

‘Lack and longing’: an interview with Satnam Virdee and Brendan McGeever

Satnam Virdee and Brendan McGeever answer questions about race, nation, working class struggle and the breakdown of Britain’s democratic settlement.

Voter suppression and protest repression: the Tories’ attack on democracy

The government is swiftly and systematically destroying the rights on which ordinary people rely: to vote, to protest, to strike.