Patrice Lumumba’s legacy

Last Friday marked the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. Miriyam Aouragh looks at his legacy and western complicity in his murder. In Une Saison au Congo (A Season in the Congo) from...

Court victory for 7,000 New Orleans teachers

An appeal court in Louisiana has ruled that the sacking of education workers that took place in the wake of Hurricane Katrina was illegal and that everyone who was fired should get two or...

Sharon: biography of a war criminal

Sai Englert looks back at Ariel Sharon’s bloody legacy and his life of political and military service to the Zionist colonial project:The media’s attempted whitewashing of Sharon’s legacy is not just brushing the history...

2013 in YouTube videos

Mark Bergfeld collects videos showing episodes of resistance from across the world in 2013.

#M2013: Henrique Sanchez & Alfredo Filho on Brazil

Roderick Cobley reports on a session at Marxism 2013 on the protests against fare increases on public transport in São Paulo and elsewhere.