The May of the masses: the Tiananmen Square movement 25 years on

 4 June marks the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Charlie Hore looks back at the inspirational movement that went before, and repression that followed.  Twenty-five years ago, a mass protest movement exploded across...

Declaration from the Forces of Freedom and Change in Sudan

A Declaration from the Forces of Freedom and Change in Sudan accuses the Transitional Military Council of staging a coup against the revolution and declares a general strike and civil disobedience until the regime falls.

Accuser of capitalism: speech from the dock

A hundred years ago today, John Maclean, hero of "Red Clydeside", assailed the imperialist slaughter of World War One as he stood trial for sedition

Factories without bosses: occupation wins in Argentina

(photo from Suzie Wylie writes from Argentina After 12 years of occupation and struggle at the Zanon ceramic tile factory in Neuquén, in southern Argentina, the courts have awarded the title deed for the property...

“Marielle’s death was not just more of the same”

The assassination of Marielle Franco marks a new phase in Brazil's political repression of the left.

Solidarity with the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement

A violent crackdown on the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) by state security forces is underway in Pakistan. International solidarity is crucial and the Left in Britain has a particular responsibility to play its part.

After the elections, what next for Catalonia?

Andy Durgan outlines the political landscape following Catalonia's recent elections.

How do we push sexism back to the fringe?

Millions of women and men are disgusted by Trump's casual misogyny, and they make up a not-so-silent majority that can drive a new resistance, writes Elizabeth Schulte. Originally published in the US Socialist Worker It's the...

Indian elections: fears for the future

Voting continues in the Indian general elections, with Modi likely to come out on top. Patrick Ward, a writer for reports from India on the largest elections that the world has ever...

Migration in the age of Imperialism’s four horsemen: part 2

The intensification of capitalist competition has created global markets and in the process has led to an imperialist period of capitalist development that has seen war, the uprooting of whole populations and environmental degradation...