What it means to say Trump will govern like a fascist

Many Democrats argue that Trump is a fascist and demand that the Left subordinate everything to the call to resist him, but we have to organise against the rise of authoritarianism.

Toward decolonisation: the struggle for Palestine today – interview with Tareq Baconi

Spectre Journal interviewed Tareq Baconi, author of Hamas Contained, about 7 October, Israel’s genocide, and the state of the Palestinian resistance and its implication for the region and world.

Stand with Gaza: Palestine solidarity reports round-up

rs21 members round up some Palestine solidarity events that happened over the last week.

Do workers in the Global North benefit from the exploitation of workers in the...

Charlie Post argues that imperialism has intensified exploitation across the entire global working class

Building Red Vienna

Danny Bee celebrates Red Vienna, when workers' land occupations led to a left-wing city council developing a new vision for public housing and working-class communities.

Palestine solidarity in greater Manchester

John Nicholson of Greater Manchester Friends of Palestine reports on the breadth and diversity of Palestine solidarity activity across the region since October.

Yemen: ‘It’s not working: we’re going to keep doing it’

Jamie Allinson points out the contradictions of US and British policy towards Yemen.

What’s behind India’s embrace of Israel?

JS Titus on the roots of the deepening economic and military cooperation between India and Israel

From the Six-Day War to the 100-day bombardment

An excerpt from rs21's new edition of the history of the Zionist occupation.

Israel’s air war on Gaza

Brian Parkin explains how Israel has built the fourth biggest air force in the world, and how it is able to drop the deadliest bombs and missiles on a defenceless civilian population.