We must fight domestic violence, but not with the hypocritical help of the Sun

Last week the Sun launched its "Give Me Shelter" campaign in defence of women's refuges. A member of campaign group Sisters Uncut speaks out against the paper's hypocrisy. Spread across the Sun's front page last Monday were...

Mobilise for trans equality now

A planned reform that simplifies how trans people gain recognition of their gender has sparked a wave of attacks on trans people, and not only from the right.

Women and socialism: A conversation with Sharon Smith

Earlier this month rs21 hosted a conversation with American socialist Sharon Smith, author of Women and Socialism: Class, Race and Capital. Listen to audio recording here: https://youtu.be/k9GeuBJOmAM

Beyond taking sides on No Outsiders

To understand the controversy about LGBT lessons in schools, we need to understand the oppression of both LGBT people and the Muslim community.

Social reproduction: from theory to practice

Sara Bennett discusses the relevance today of Lise Vogel's understanding of women's oppression and the dynamics of capitalism Lise Vogel's 1983 book Marxism and the Oppression of Women is an attempt to bring women's oppression...

“Shoot As Well As Cook”: the Black Panther Party, sexism and the struggle today

We need to remember the contributions of black women to past struggles if we're to take forward the fight for justice today, writes Shanice McBean. Black women are at the forefront of the struggle that has emerged...

Black Dissidents interview: “Real power comes from collective fights for liberation”

Black Dissidents were formed earlier this year and since then have been involved in fights against oppression from migration struggles to resisting evictions. Tomorrow they'll be taking part in the  UFFC Annual Remembrance Procession,...

Review – Sex and the Weimar Republic

Colin Wilson reviews Sex and the Weimar Republic: German Homosexual Emancipation and the Rise of the Nazis by Laurie Marhoefer. This book offers a glimpse of a different kind of LGBT politics. Today we've made advances, but...

Neither Westminster nor Stormont

This week, buoyed by the #NowForNI campaign, Labour MPs have made multiple attempts to extend reproductive rights to the North of Ireland. On Tuesday 23 October, Diana Johnson’s largely symbolic ten-minute rule bill to...

‘The rocky road ahead…’ The movement against Irish Water

Five activists from rs21 spent a weekend in Dublin and took part in a city-wide demonstration against the Irish Government's recent Water Charges bill, and spoke to several activists on the Irish left.