Unison delegates angry over moves to quash domestic violence motion

(picture: Unison bloc at last year's Manchester demonstration against health cuts) The Unison union's annual conference is taking place in Brighton this week. The main themes running through it have been the forthcoming pay strikes...

Hundreds demand justice over gender and caste violence

Ruth Lorimer reports from a demonstration in London earlier this week demanding justice for women raped and murdered in India. Several hundred people, mostly Indian women from across the UK, demonstrated outside the Indian High Commission on...

Baltic Pride – not parliament – has the potential for LGBT liberation in Estonia

Civil partnerships for LGBT couples could be recognised in Estonian law from July. But William Cleary argues that the Baltic Pride festival, which will be held in Estonia's capital in June, will be more...

Fighting homophobia: “the best day of my teaching career”

An NUT rep in Manchester explains how he organised a day that celebrated diversity, and tackled homophobia, in his school with truly astounding results. Stonewall completed two reports in 2007 and 2012 about the level...

Constructing Lads mags – Playboy to Nuts

Estelle Cooch looks at the demise of Nuts and asks what the competition of original porn mags Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler, can tell us about lads mags today. A decade on from its launch, the...

rs21 Political Weekend: Social reproduction

Estelle Cooch's meeting on social reproduction kicked off a debate about the precarious and contradictory positions that neoliberalism tries to straddle when it comes to women. An introduction to the theory was followed by...

Social reproduction – what it is and why it matters

Reproduction involves more than just the creation of human beings – it involves the reproduction of the “capital relation” itself – the worker and the capitalist.

Fighting oppression is at the heart of socialism

The fight against oppression needs to be fully integrated into the fight against capitalism and for socialism.

The trouble with social reproduction theory

Nancy Lindisfarne and Jonathan Neale look at the shortcomings of Social Reproduction Theory and ask if there is an alternative that doesn't rely so much on the biological differences between the sexes.

What is social reproduction theory?

In the first of a series of articles looking at and debating social reproduction theory, here we republish Tithi Bhattacharrya's introductory piece on some of the basics.