David Widgery: “Why do Lovers Break Each Other’s Hearts”

For Valentine's Day we are reposting an article about love and sex under capitalism, by the activist and journalist David Widgery (1947-1992). Written in 1972, this piece was first published by Oxford Left Review in the October...
Image advertising What future for Ireland meeting

Video: What future for Ireland?

Eamonn McCann and Maev McDaid discuss the future of Ireland, 50 years after British troops went in, as the DUP prop up a Tory British government grappling with Brexit, and in the light of feminist struggles on both sides of the border.

Opening up a debate on black America – Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Monique Alicia Bell considers her favourite album of 2016 - Lemonade from Beyoncé I have been a Beyoncé fan since the days of Destiny's Child, expressing my teenage moods by blasting 'Emotions' on repeat. As I...

Photo report: Trans+ Pride 2019

On 14 September, London saw its first ever Trans+ Pride. Photos by Steve Eason.

revolutionary reflections | Marxism and childhood

Estelle Cooch traces the contradictory history of childhood under capitalism. How do we defend childhood and fight for a world where play and creativity are not limited to children?

Sexism is not an imported product

Dozens of women were sexually harassed on New Year's Eve in Germany. But rather than connecting the events to everyday sexist violence in Germany, the political and media establishments have focused on the nationalities...

Review – Sex and the Weimar Republic

Colin Wilson reviews Sex and the Weimar Republic: German Homosexual Emancipation and the Rise of the Nazis by Laurie Marhoefer. This book offers a glimpse of a different kind of LGBT politics. Today we've made advances, but...

Peckham Community Pride 20/2/16 – report with photos and video

Report, photos and video by Steve Eason Peckham Community Pride, a political, non-commercial march through SE15 from Peckham Library down Rye Lane, protested the anti-immigration raids and the intimidating "go home vans" that have targeted Peckham....

LGBT rights under Protestant siege in South Korea

LGBT activists staged an occupation at Seoul City Hall in early December in defence of anti-discrimination laws – and faced opposition from Evangelical Christians, writes Se-Woong Koo. In one corner of Seoul City Hall,...

Care, consent and coercion under capitalism

Alan Sears, a socialist activist based in Toronto, spoke to Hazel Croft about sexuality, sexual coercion and consent, and the possibilities for sexual liberation today.