Striking back against the Tories

As a strike wave grows over pay and working conditions, we analyse workplace struggles and how they can be built further.
Trans+ Pride March, central London, September 2020

The right-on-right battle behind the ‘war on woke’

The 'war on woke' scapegoats trans people and migrants - but also reflects deep divisions on the right.

Mad Pride campaigns for psychiatric abolition

Hundreds gathered to oppose abuse of psychiatric patients, celebrate Mad culture, and call for psychiatric abolition.
Marchers on TUC protest with "pay should match inflation" placard

Five reasons why pay rises don’t cause inflation

The real causes are global factors like Covid and the war in Ukraine – as well as corporate profiteering.
Rally at end of TUC march, plus book cover

‘If you want to organise at work, buy this book’

Organising at work can rebuild working-class power. In his forthcoming book, long-time activist Ian Allinson explains how it's done.
Health worker carries placard reading "Heroes shouldn't have to use food banks"

NHS in crisis – fightback on pay can help save it

Health campaigner Gill George analyses the crisis facing the NHS – both nationally and in Shropshire, where she lives – and the campaigns to fight back.
Marchers in the Resistance contingent of the 2017 San Francisco Pride Parade hold signs reading "Stop Police Terror" and "Black & Brown Lives Matter"

Queer liberation and socialism: learning from the stories of a movement

Dana Cloud writes about the history of queer liberation struggle in the United States, its socialist origins, and lessons for today's queer politics.
A collage of abusive and derisive headlines from coverage of the Depp v Heard defamation trial

This is no time to stay silent

The Depp v Heard trial has unleashed a torrent of misogyny that feminists cannot ignore.
Gas flame under pan

Let them burn oil – Sunak and energy bills

Rishi Sunak’s latest U-turn in response to the cost of living crisis shows the Tories scrambling for a response.
Photo from UCU strike four fights rally in Manchester, banner in front reads 'End casualisation', behind that is a Manchester Metrolopitan UCU branch banner. Photo by Ian Allinson.

Lowering expectations: misrepresentations of McAlevey

Trade unionists have been inspired by McAlevey's work. But now sections of the union bureaucracy are co-opting her insights.