Big business and the NHS: Awkward bedfellows

Gill George discusses how drug company greed means the government has wasted millions on stockpiling medicine that doesn't work Private companies exist to make a profit for their shareholders. The NHS exists to keep...

UCU marking boycott: Management have called our bluff – we have a choice

Management at universities across the country, including Bath Spa, UWE, Oxford Brooks, Bradford University, UEA and Westminster University, have told staff that they intend to dock 100% of their pay if they participate in...

Nursery workers refuse to be classed as self-employed: worker’s report

The government made tax changes on Sunday 6 April which many employers are using an an excuse to force self-employment on their workers. Phil T works at a care centre for children in west London that is trying precisely that....

Keep Left in UNISON Higher Education

UNISON Higher Education Service Group Elections: Vote for a leadership that fights for you This week, voting opened in UNISON's Service Group elections. These elections will decide the national executives for each of the seven...

Left lifted by surprise win for Free Education motion at NUS conference

Amy Gilligan from Cambridge University rs21 reports from NUS conference LEFT ACTIVISTS were happy after a surprise win after a tense NUS conference vote this morning. A motion supporting free education passed, committing the union to...

Interview: Spies, surveillance and Cambridgeshire police

Cambridgeshire police tried to recruit an activist to spy on Unite Against Fascism, UK Uncut and Cambridge Defend Education, according to video evidence which came to light in November last year.

26 March NUT strike round-up

NUT strikes have a tradition of large political demonstrations on strike days and today was no exception.

“We need to continue to fight for not just our pay and pensions, but...

"We are striking not because we do not care about our students, but because we do."

NUT: holding the line or fighting to win?

Rob Owen, Croydon NUT young members officer, argues that, despite the reticence of other unions, if teachers want to defeat Gove's reforms they need to keep fighting.

The year that Goldsmiths’ students supported the miners strike: an activist’s account

On the 30th anniversary of the start of the 1984-85 miners strike, Colin Revolting remembers the support and solidarity he and other students offered towards those on strike.