Building Red Vienna

Danny Bee celebrates Red Vienna, when workers' land occupations led to a left-wing city council developing a new vision for public housing and working-class communities.

Latest Department of Education advice is a transphobic attack

"Educators must register their disgust at the guidance while it is in the consultation phase."
Protesters shout and point angrily.

‘Our Bodies, Our Lives’: Hundreds protest against anti-abortion demonstration in London

rs21 member Colin Wilson reports from ‘Our Bodies, Our Lives’,  the counter-protest to this weekend's anti-abortion march in central London.

Review | Union

Grace Linden reviews a recent production of Max Wilkinson's play Union, directed by Wiebke Green, at the Arcola Theatre in Hackney. Is it useful to construct narratives from individual moral responsibility when discussing gentrification? We...

School strikes: results and prospects

The tragedy of ending the dispute now is squandering the momentum and resolve we have built.

Base rate rises, housing crises?

'We need to fight back together and find solidarity across lines that have previously been staged as battle lines.'

School strikes: we must escalate to win

Teachers' pay - escalate to win in the autumn!
Abortion Rights protest, London 17th June 2023

Review | Bodies Under Siege

Even traditional mainstream conservative parties are linked to proponents of reactionary 'Great Replacement' theories.
image of protesting nurses in front of a hospital, beside an image of the book Health Communism.

Review | Health Communism

How has capitalism wrecked health and care? Shiraz Hussain reviews Health Communism.

Reflections on International Workers’ Memorial Day

To mark IWMD, the rs21 Art Group made a zine with Cut-Through Collective, which we distributed in Glasgow and London across the May Day weekend.