Rocking Against Racism and other irrational ideologies

The first Rock Against Racism carnival took place forty years ago, on April 30 1978.

Music of the people: Skiffle

Mitch Mitchell is back with another people's music playlist. This time he's introducing Skiffle.

Move On Up. Curtis Mayfield – Music and message

Emerging from the civil rights movement in the USA, Curtis Mayfield is one of the best exponents of radical soul music and his music lives on, as remembered by John Wheeler.

Anarchy in the UK? The politics and people that produced punk rock

For the 40th anniversary of the birth of punk, Colin Revolting considers its origins and influences. The student butterfly that flapped its wings in Paris, May 1968 lead to an earthquake which shook factory walls...

Take no heroes – only inspiration: the Redskins and me

Colin Revolting recalls how he became a revolutionary and the role in the process played by the music of the Redskins, a band who gained a notable amount of popularity in the 1980s for...

revolutionary reflections | Theatre of the Oppressed as a political method

Sophie Coudray introduces the work of the Brazilian theatre practitioner Augusto Boal and the potential of its method for revolutionary praxis.

Mike Marqusee (1953-2015)

Talha Ahsan, poet and former political prisoner, pays tribute to Mike Marqusee, who died on January 13, 2015. Today at around 4.30pm I received a phone call that left me feeling numb all day. Someone...

Review: Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age

Olivia Arigho Stiles reviews a new exhibition at the Barbican. The Barbican's new exhibition explores the relationship between photography and architecture in the epoch of modernity.  The exhibition is testament to the enduring power of...

March and rally against privatisation at the National Gallery

Bettina Trabant joined gallery staff and supporters braving the wind and cold for a demonstration against privatisation at the National Gallery. A group of around 200 angry gallery staff, trade unionists and regular gallery visitors...

A View from the Bridge : A modern classic stripped to its tragic roots

Jack Farmer reviews a new production of Arthur Miller's play, currently running at the Young Vic Director Ivo van Hove's production of A View from the Bridge strips away all distractions, distilling Arthur Miller's classic tragedy down...