Trixie Smith

Music of the people: The Blues

Mitch Mitchell is back with another people’s music playlist. This time he’s here with a brief history of The Blues

There is no revolution without love

The film Reds tells the story of John Reed and Louise Bryant's experiences of the Russian Revolution.

Music helps us struggle for a better world

Amy Downham is inspired by a recent book about music and politics. I met Dave Randall a few years ago on an antiracism march. I had recently joined rs21 in search of reassurance that I wasn’t alone in...
Aretha Franklin (seated on the left) and Jerry Wexler (standing on the right, leaning over)

The Fairplay Committee

Mitch Mitchell recounts the legacy of the Fairplay Committee, a group aiming to improve the conditions of black workers in the music industry.

Reviewing BBC Radio 4’s coverage of the Russian revolution

Martin Crook analyses the presentation of the Russian revolution by the BBC, questioning the accuracy of a review that blames the revolution for the sins of Stalinism.

“You can’t organise a riot”: racism, riots and arrests in 1981

  In memory of John "Brad" Bradbury of the Specials who topped the charts with Ghost Town whilst Britain burst into flames of riots and racism in 1981 - Colin Revolting remembers how anti -...

No laughing matter! The state of comedy in Britain

Mitch Mitchell takes a look at how popular comedy developed in the 1980s into something that challenged the oppressive ideas of society, rather than reinforcing them, as well as asking if there is any radical edge to comedy today.

Review: Ali Smith’s Autumn, the first Brexit novel

Kate Bradley argues that Ali Smith's Autumn is precisely the kind of book about Brexit we don't need in our changing political climate.   Autumn is a novel about Brexit. It's also a book about Pop...

Anarchy in the UK? The politics and people that produced punk rock

For the 40th anniversary of the birth of punk, Colin Revolting considers its origins and influences. The student butterfly that flapped its wings in Paris, May 1968 lead to an earthquake which shook factory walls...

Obituary: Chuck Berry

Mitch Mitchell remembers Chuck Berry, one of the originators of Rock'n'roll.