Review | The Lenin Scenario

A review of Tariq Ali's screenplay.

Writing the future

Colin Wilson celebrates fantasy novel Babel, part of a growing trend for speculative fiction to include radical politics in work written by women, often women of colour.

The Neil Davidson Lecture 2023: Uneven and combined development in Neil Davidson’s work

Raquel Valera on Neil Davidson's contribution to the theory of uneven and combined development and revolution.

Review | Shows at the Whitworth Gallery Manchester

Colonialism, art, the museum logistics chain. Gareth Dale reviews this month's shows at the Whitworth.
book cover and artwork

Interview | Toussaint Louverture: The Story of the Only Successful Slave Revolt in History

Matthew Cookson interviews the authors of a new graphic novel on the Haitian Revolution.

Review | White Riot

Novel celebrating anti-racist and anti-fascist struggles

Cricket in crisis: racism, sexism and elitism in the sport

Sport can be a site of struggle, a chance for us to organise collectively in the face of racism, sexism and elitism.

Review | Union

Grace Linden reviews a recent production of Max Wilkinson's play Union, directed by Wiebke Green, at the Arcola Theatre in Hackney. Is it useful to construct narratives from individual moral responsibility when discussing gentrification? We...

Leftist direct action thrillers: a new genre?

I'm a Virgo, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, Black 47 and Codename Jenny