Sharon: biography of a war criminal

Sai Englert looks back at Ariel Sharon’s bloody legacy and his life of political and military service to the Zionist colonial project:The media’s attempted whitewashing of Sharon’s legacy is not just brushing the history...

“I was unable to eat” : food banks in Tory Britain

From the Kent International Socialists The sight of Tory MPs laughing at stories of hungry families during a debate on the use of food banks in December was another demonstration of how out of touch...

The three whales of Bolshevism

The militant slogans of the Bolsheviks after 1905 were colloquially known as the “three whales of Bolshevism”. Roderick Cobley puts forward his suggestions for 2013.

#M2013: Henrique Sanchez & Alfredo Filho on Brazil

Roderick Cobley reports on a session at Marxism 2013 on the protests against fare increases on public transport in São Paulo and elsewhere.

Notes on the balance of class forces

The decline in workplace organisation is more than falling membership.

On the Pop-Up Union at Sussex University

The Pop-up Union is a symptom of wider political radicalisation on campus.