Paris May Day demo 2022

A breakthrough for the French left?

The second round of France’s parliamentary elections saw the president lose his majority, a new left alliance becoming the second largest force, but also a worrying increase in far-right representation. Ian Birchall explains the background and looks at what may come next.  
A collage of abusive and derisive headlines from coverage of the Depp v Heard defamation trial

This is no time to stay silent

The Depp v Heard trial has unleashed a torrent of misogyny that feminists cannot ignore.
Strikers in front of a banner

Support the tube strikers!

London's tube system has been brought to a standstill by striking RMT union members. Colin Wilson explains the background to the strike and calls for full support for their fight.
Victorin Socialists poster - Billionaires control politics. For real change vote socialist.

Australian election: Conservatives out, pro-business Labor wins, gains for smaller parties

May’s parliamentary elections in Australia saw the Tory coalition thrown out of office and a narrow victory for the Labor party.
Gas flame under pan

Let them burn oil – Sunak and energy bills

Rishi Sunak’s latest U-turn in response to the cost of living crisis shows the Tories scrambling for a response.
Crowd with Palestinian flags

Palestine solidarity and the future of the DSA – on the Bowman crisis

Arguments over Palestine solidarity have swept through the DSA in recent months – two American socialists explain the background.
Photo from UCU strike four fights rally in Manchester, banner in front reads 'End casualisation', behind that is a Manchester Metrolopitan UCU branch banner. Photo by Ian Allinson.

Lowering expectations: misrepresentations of McAlevey

Trade unionists have been inspired by McAlevey's work. But now sections of the union bureaucracy are co-opting her insights.
Picket line rally of CHEP strikers - banners for Greater Manchester Area Trade Union Council, Bolton and District Trades Union Council, and a CHEP banner reading 'CHEP UK your offer is un'pallet'able - deliver fair pay now!'

Growing strike solidarity networks in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester has been home to an unusual number of major strikes in the last couple of years. Local activists and rs21 members Ian Allinson and Derek Fraser discuss what we can learn from these and the development of solidarity networks around them.
Demonstrators holding a banner which reads ' Le Pen et Macron: le 3eme tour social c'est maintenant! - 'the social 3rd round starts now!'

Prospects for the left after the French election

The results of the first round of the French presidential election make for grim reading. Ian Birchall looks at some of the lessons of the election, and the future prospects for the left.
Crowd with placards. One has chess board and 'stop playing with our lives'. Another reads 'Stop the war your imperialist pigs'

Russia’s war and the West

Gareth Dale responds to an article by Tom Bramble exploring the reasons for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine