The results are in

An open letter from protesters on the Grand Jury decision. 24th November 2014. In Ferguson, a wound bleeds. For 108 days, we have been in a state of prolonged and protracted grief. In that time, we have found community with one...

No excuses: defend free movement

Policy passed at Labour Party conference creates an opening for all on the left to argue for open borders, even as the leadership seeks to undermine it, writes Pete Gillard.

Migrant workers’ victory in Korea

Sam MacDonald reports from Seoul on migrants' successful struggle to win legal recognition for their trade union. Over the past 50 years, few countries have experienced such a dramatic economic rise as South Korea. A country once...

St Pancras ‘die-in’ video report

On Saturday 16 January, activists staged a 'die-in' at London's St Pancras station, in solidarity with the refugees in Calais. Video report by Duncan Thomas. Title image by Steve Eason.

After Brexit: Keeping our heads when all around are losing theirs

By Rob Owen June 24th was a dark morning. Colleagues at school arrived shell shocked at a result no one expected. Friend after friend asked in worried tones what the result would mean. Meshed with...

Rock Against Racism: an interview with Ruth Gregory

Ruth Gregory, one of the organisers of the 100,000-strong Rock Against Racism carnival of 1978, talks to rs21 about anti-racist organising from then to now.

Free movement is a workers’ right – Unite must defend it

Max S argues that defending freedom of movement for migrant workers is the only way forward for British trade unions. On Monday (27 March) Unite members started to vote on who will be their next General Secretary...
An anti-racist demo

London #m22 demo: Sunshine and strong turnout from newly organised migrant communities

The anti-racist movement has a lot of work to do if it is to get fit for purpose. We all have to play a part in that.

Debate: What should socialists say about the EU?

As UKIP's popularity continues to rise, we asked Nick Evans and Hanif to discuss what arguments socialists should be making in the run up to the European elections this month. Continue the discussion in...

Break the border

Refugees are currently reaching the Greece’s border with Turkey in large numbers after the Turkish state withdrew all border enforcement. The Greek state has responded with violence.