We’re all off to Glasgow in the Green: in defence of the Green Brigade

Jamie Lewis comments on the two-match ban imposed on Celtic supporters the Green Brigade. I don't think I have seen anything like the Celtic fans in all the stadiums I have played. - Xavi Parkhead, Celtic FC's...

Reject the Ten Pledges

Sai Englert argues that the ten pledges represent a continuation of an attack on the left and the Palestine solidarity movement, rather than a serious attempt to tackle antisemitism in Britain.

UKIP – just another bunch of control freaks.

The recent successes of Nigel Farage and UKIP should leave anti-racists, anti-homophobes and workers concerned with their rights worried. However the ideological pillars of UKIP are rotten. Their claims to liberty and freedom are...

#Ferguson: protests, policing, propaganda

Aamna Mohdin takes a look at the role played by web publications and social media in challenging the official narrative around the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

rs21 Political Weekend: Racism, old and new

Mitch Mitchell writes: Anindya Bhattacharyya's meeting began with a series of photographs, the first, of a UKBA van in Bermondsey, was taken outside a "Lovely and British" boutique while border officers were checking to see whether there were...

15 October could be a dark day for refugees in Calais

Mitch Mitchell reports on the French authorities' plans to demolish the refugee camp in Calais  It has been strongly rumored that the threatened closure and demolition of the refugee camp in Calais, often referred to...

Refugee Lifeboat: Statement of intent

We work to provide direct practical and material solidarity with migrants, but also to wage a political struggle against the state, racism and imperialism.

Thousands rally in Belfast and Derry to protest against rising tide of racism

(report by Matt Williamson, picture by Aisling Gallagher) Some 4,000 people gathered in Belfast city centre last Saturday to protest at escalating levels of hate crime and increasing racist rhetoric in mainstream politics. A similar...

Keep On Keeping On! – the Redskins and me (part 2)

In the second part of his recollections on the Redskins, Colin Revolting recalls being a revolutionary during the miners' strike and its aftermath during the Redskins' growing popularity, including TV appearances, being attacked by...

May’s last dance

Theresa May has announced that she will finally be leaving on 7 June. She has epitomised the 'nasty party' she once criticised.