Antisemitism row – the real target is Jeremy Corbyn

The media is full of claims about antisemitism in the Labour Party. Jewish members of rs21 set out our view.   Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone have been suspended from the Labour Party over accusations of...

London protesters show solidarity with Ferguson, bringing traffic to a halt

Amy Gilligan reports from last night's #LondonToFerguson rally Around 2,000 protesters –  young, black and white, people of all genders, lead by women – raced through the streets of central London last night to demand justice for Michael Brown and...

Policing the system: racism, violence and the crimes of the cops

Studies carried out in the aftermath of the riots confirmed that large numbers of rioters took to the streets for revenge - against a political system that marginalised them.
Audience listens to speakers

Refugee Solidarity Summit hears of racism and injustice, pledges to fight back

Campaigners from the TUC, the Green Party and many migrant organisations gathered in London on Saturday to discuss how to fight the government's racist policies and scapegoating. Amy Downham reports. Saturday's Refugee Solidarity Summit, hosted by...

Fascists humiliated in Dover

Steve Eason, Kate Bradley and Ashmeet T report from the counter-demonstration against the far-right South East Alliance, who marched through Dover in very small numbers on 2 April ,2016. Following the violent demonstration by various...

Cartoon: Not waving but drowning

by Caliban's Revenge, originally featured in the Summer 2015 issue of the rs21 magazine

Migrant solidarity in London and Manchester

Two activists, Ewa Barker and Kate Bradley, discuss their involvment in migrant solidarity in London and Manchester Ewa Barker initiated Manchester to Calais. Here she explains the dynamic within the movement in Manchester The response to our...

Anti-racists reclaim Glasgow

Over the past fortnight Glasgow has become a flash point in the fight against the far right, demonstrating the inherent link between British Unionism and white supremacy.

Stansted 15 respond to guilty verdict

‘Out of control’ Home Office should have been in the dock, not us: Stansted 15 respond to guilty verdict.

‘No more Jungle, no more borders’ – a report from Calais refugee protest

On Saturday 23 January, residents of the Calais refugee camp protested the destruction of the their shelters and the French government's attempts to forcibly move them into new accommodation, described by many as a...