We must act now

As the initially censored Public Health England report makes clear, Covid-19 has exposed the lethal structures of systemic racism in our society. Artwork and text by Katherine Hearst.

A poem by Alan Gibbons

Alan Gibbons, poet and novelist, penned this poem in response to Theresa May's vile racist speech at the Conservative conference. We are proud to republish it for National Poetry Day   There was an Irish immigrant Who...

Racism, austerity and revolution: rs21 north London meeting

Watch the rs21 meeting in Tottenham featuring Estelle (rs21), Bianca (Left Unity), Jennifer (Justice for Mark Duggan) and Bat (rs21), including discussions and summary.

IS in the 60s: linking up with Manchester workers and fighting racism

Colin Barker recalls how IS grew in 1960s Manchester – making links with engineers and building workers, and campaigning against racist police violence.

Leaflet for 30 January #justice4mark meeting

via Justice for Mark Duggan:

Theresa May on terrorism – ramping up failed, racist policies

Theresa May has unveiled new and extended anti-terrorism measures. As an rs21 member writes, this is a continuation of policies which have failed in the Middle East and are encouraging racism here. Today, in a...

The results are in

An open letter from protesters on the Grand Jury decision. 24th November 2014. In Ferguson, a wound bleeds. For 108 days, we have been in a state of prolonged and protracted grief. In that time, we have found community with one...
Cutting jobs; dice

Discrimination in selection?

Professional statistician Nancy Carpenter and Unite activist Ian Allinson explain how to check for discrimination in situations like redundancy selection. It's common for employers to select employees for various purposes, including recruitment, redundancy, appraisals, pay...

Is a People’s Brexit possible?

How do we respond to the right wing chorus over Brexit and the threat of Farage to organise a 100,000 strong march? Should we line up with the pro-EU centre of British  politics that...
Jewish anti-Zionists

No community without politics

The mirage of a "mainstream Jewish community", often weaponised against the left, hides the fact that "community" itself is always a site of struggle and contestation