Break Prison: a look at incarceration

Mitch Mitchell shares his experience of prison in the 1970s, and looks at the way the system continues to be used as a method of oppression against the working class and people of colour.

Rocking Against Racism and other irrational ideologies

The first Rock Against Racism carnival took place forty years ago, on April 30 1978.

rs21 Political Weekend: Racism, old and new

Mitch Mitchell reports on a discussion at rs21's political weekend on contemporary racism and the dynamics of Islamophobia and anti-migrant politics.

Busting immigration myths

Immigration has dominated the discussion in the run up to the European elections on Thursday. Politicians and the media are happy to spread anti-migrant myths, Bunny La Roche seeks out the facts MYTH: Migrants hold...

St Pancras die-in protests clearing of Calais refugee camp

Kate Bradley reports On Saturday, around 200 people gathered at St Pancras International train station in London to protest against the clearance of the 'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais. The demonstration was called by London2Calais,...

Migrant workers: legislating for precarity

Mikhil Karnik, an immigration lawyer in Manchester, explains how changes in immigration law are driving migrant workers towards greater precarity One measure of the distinction made between EU nationals and other immigrants is the disproportionate use...

Six pointers for antifascists after the 21 June attacks in Tottenham

  See also: Antifascist vigil attracts 200 in show of unity and defiance On Saturday night a free music festival in Tottenham, north London, was violently attacked by a racist gang targeting audience members in...

Migrant solidarity protest in Manchester

Mikhil Karnik reports About 100-150 protesters gathered and laid flowers outside the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal in Manchester on Friday evening. They were there in solidarity with those asylum seekers and migrants who have perished...

Antisemitism row – the real target is Jeremy Corbyn

The media is full of claims about antisemitism in the Labour Party. Jewish members of rs21 set out our view.   Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone have been suspended from the Labour Party over accusations of...

Statement on the Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill

The government's Immigration Bill needs to be opposed without reservation. Labour should stop equivocating.