IS in the 60s: linking up with Manchester workers and fighting racism

Colin Barker recalls how IS grew in 1960s Manchester – making links with engineers and building workers, and campaigning against racist police violence.

Marooned at Moria: Europe’s suppressed migration crisis

A report from the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Panic on the streets of Birmingham?

Andrew N, Birmingham NUT executive member (personal capacity), argues that the left needs to stand against Islamophobes and reject media scapegoating Photo: Paul Clarke If you were to believe the headlines in certain Tory papers recently,...

Stop detention without trial! Stop deportations!

Anti-terror laws are being used against the #‎Stansted15‬, a group of activists who blocked a charter flight carrying deported migrants out of the country.

The New Jim Crow – how America’s rulers boost racism

How can we understand racism in America? Michelle Alexander's book The New Jim Crow, published in 2010, examines how mass incarceration and the "war on drugs" has institutionalised racism in US society. American racism does...

Video: Postcards From Thanet

Thanet Stand Up To Ukip have been waging a relentless campaign against Nigel Farage over the last few months

Dover: what kind of anti fascist movement do we need?

A letter from Thanet anti-fascists. On Saturday 12 September, the National Front, South East Alliance and other Nazi outfits numbering around 200-250 were able to march in Dover, declaring 'Refugees Not Welcome Here'. Around a dozen...
Protesters march against deportations

How will EU debate impact migrant solidarity?

A talk given by Anindya Bhattacharyya at the recent London2Calais summit about how the migrant solidarity movement can respond to the debates around migrants in the context of the referendum on Britain's EU membership. I...

BMA votes against charges for migrants

On the day of the EU Referendum, doctors voted against borders. Report by Nick Evans The British Medical Association voted to denounce charges for migrants trying to access NHS services on Thursday. Delegates at the...

Lessons from Fawley: From ‘British jobs’ to migrant solidarity

In 2011 the 'British jobs for British workers' slogan sent shivers down the spine of anyone championing the rights of migrants. Brian Parkin assesses a recent watershed dispute at Fawley and discusses how ...