Settler colonialism, Zionism and Palestinian liberation

Sai Englert on the relationship between the Zionist labour movement and the road to Palestinian liberation.

Settler colonialism and the birth of global capitalism

Sai Englert discusses the history of settler colonialism and its central role in the development of global capitalism

Australia: anti-Indigenous racism and the Voice referendum

An Australian socialist explains why a 'Yes' vote is important in the Voice referendum.
Image is a close-up of a crowd holding a variety of union flags including PCS and RMT, with placards saying "Protect our right to strike" and "Defend the Right to Strike". The people in the shot apear diverse in age, gender and race. In the centre of the shot, a person in a yellow shirt with the word 'RESIST' on it raises their left fist.

‘Lack and longing’: an interview with Satnam Virdee and Brendan McGeever

Satnam Virdee and Brendan McGeever answer questions about race, nation, working class struggle and the breakdown of Britain’s democratic settlement.
Image shows the cover of the book Britain in Fragments, set against the backdrop of a union flag.

Review | Britain in Fragments

Satnam Virdee and Brendan McGeever bring a historic account of racism in Britain over the last century. Colin Wilson reviews Britain in Fragments.
George Padmore reading a newspaper.

Review | Making the Revolution Global

The history of black anticolonial radicals in Britain is central to the history of the left.
a large crowd stand outside the court with a banner reading Stop Deportations

The Brook House Three trial: a major victory for anti-deportation activists

Jury sees justice in their activism: Lisa Leak reports on the trial.
Image shows a portion of the front cover of Leo Zeilig's book on Walter Rodney.

Review | A Revolutionary for Our Time: the Walter Rodney Story

Rachel Iboraii reviews Leo Zeilig book on Walter Rodney, finding a compelling account of the life of the great Marxist and pan-Africanist.

#IrelandForAll and the anti-racist tradition in Ireland

Recent months have witnessed a growth in far-right organising in Ireland, but also the spread of major anti-racist mobilisations in response. Pádraig Mac Oscair examines these developments and puts them in historical context. In recent...

Fighting fascists in Erskine

Fascists have been organising weekly demonstrations in a small Scottish town - we explain who they are and how antifascists are organising to beat them.