Image shows a portion of the front cover of Leo Zeilig's book on Walter Rodney.

Review | A Revolutionary for Our Time: the Walter Rodney Story

Rachel Iboraii reviews Leo Zeilig book on Walter Rodney, finding a compelling account of the life of the great Marxist and pan-Africanist.

#IrelandForAll and the anti-racist tradition in Ireland

Recent months have witnessed a growth in far-right organising in Ireland, but also the spread of major anti-racist mobilisations in response. Pádraig Mac Oscair examines these developments and puts them in historical context. In recent...

Fighting fascists in Erskine

Fascists have been organising weekly demonstrations in a small Scottish town - we explain who they are and how antifascists are organising to beat them.
United Family and Friends march, October 2022

Abolition Revolution: a vital step into the future

We need to get rid of police and prisons entirely.
large number of people stand in a town square in Carlisle.

Anti-refugee demonstration in Carlisle – Nazis score a victory against divided opposition

Anti-fascists faced hurdles in mobilising against the first fascist demo to hit Carlisle in years.
a crowd of mixed ages waves Palestinian flags outside court. Banners in red, green and black writing say 'Drop the charges Not the bombs', 'End Israeli apartheid'.

Elbit is losing – support the Palestine Action protesters facing trial

Palestine Action confronted Elbit's making weapons for Israel. Now we need to show solidarity with Palestince Action activists in court.
Image shows a high green fence lined with protesters banging metal items against it.

End immigration detention! Ways to take action

Want to get involved in campaigns against immigration detention? We highlight the work of some key campaigns.
A photo of Manston camp from 30 October 2022, showing a large number of people fenced in with barbed wire and many security guards, with children running towards the barbed wire fence in front of the camera.

Eye-witness report from Manston Camp

Camp well over twice capacity, vulnerable people sleeping on the floor.
People queue to vote at Stockholm Central Station

Far right gains in Swedish elections

The results are rooted in neoliberalism, racism and growing inequality