UKIP – just another bunch of control freaks.

The recent successes of Nigel Farage and UKIP should leave anti-racists, anti-homophobes and workers concerned with their rights worried. However the ideological pillars of UKIP are rotten. Their claims to liberty and freedom are...

London: Thousands celebrate Algeria’s World Cup success

Across London, thousands celebrated Algeria's victory against Russia during the World Cup, as Algeria progressed for the first time in its history to the top 16. Mona and Syed report: Crowds packed out Trafalgar Square on 26 June,...

Video: Protesting Katie Hopkins’ hate

Health activist Mark Boothroyd speaking at the Drown (Out) Katie Hopkins protest on Sunday against her hosting a 2 hour show on LBC. On Saturday the Sun published a column where she used terms such...

Nationalism and anti-racist strategy after the 2015 general election

With UKIP on the rise and the collapse of the Union seeming imminent, it's time to take racism and racialisation seriously, argues Brendan McGeever. For too long leftists have been convincing themselves that UKIP is essentially...

Migration in the age of Imperialism’s four horsemen: Part 1

For the past year a growing refugee crisis on Europe's borders has allowed the political right to capitalise on xenophobic and paranoid fears spread by racist politicians and media.  Even those who have rejected...

Reflections on the Manchester bombing vigil

Colin Wilson reflects on the vigil in Manchester after the bombing of the Ariana Grande concert on 22 May.
Labour Party antisemitism

Antisemitism, then and now | Part 1 of 2

David Rosenberg, of the Jewish Socialists' Group, delves into the facts and the historical background of current discussions of antisemitism in Labour

#GE2017: Immigration, Labour and the left

Any concession to restricting immigration necessarily involves the notion that immigrants are a problem, and contributes to hostility and racism against all immigrants.

Racism: old, new and neoliberal

Anindya Bhattacharyya reflects on the changing nature of racism under neoliberal austerity, and its lessons for activists today, UN anti-racism day, 22 March 2014.

Debate: What should socialists say about the EU?

As UKIP's popularity continues to rise, we asked Nick Evans and Hanif to discuss what arguments socialists should be making in the run up to the European elections this month. Continue the discussion in...