On this page we share details of new and second hand books that may be of interest to visitors to this website. Please find details of how to order below.

Ian Allinson, Workers Can Win: a Guide to Organising at Work
(London: Pluto Books, 2022). Paperback/New: Special Offer £10.00Order via this page.
Neil Davidson, What Was Neoliberalism:
Studies in the most recent phase of capitalism 1973-2008
(Chicago: Haymarket, 2023).Paperback/New: Special Offer £12.00
Nancy Fraser, Fortunes of Feminism: From State-Managed Capitalism to Neoliberal Crisis

Paperback/New: Special Offer £8.00

Fortunes of feminism front cover
Aviah Sarah Day & Shanice Octavia McBean
Abolition Revolution
(London: Pluto, 2022).Paperback/New: Special Offer £9.00
Sai Englert, Settler Colonialism: an introduction

(London: Pluto, 2022).

Paperback/New:  Special Offer £10.00

Colin Barker, Gareth Dale and Neil Davidson (ed.), Revolutionary Rehearsals in the Neoliberal Age
(Chicago, Ill.: Haymarket, 2021).Paperback/New: Special Offer £13.00
Tom Haines-Doran, Derailed: how to fix Britain’s broken railways

(Manchester: Manchester University Press

Paperback/New: Special Offer £10.00

Raquel Varela, A People’s History of the Portuguese Revolution

Paperback/New:  Special Offer £12.00


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How to order books

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